Core Meditation Trainer


What's Included:

  • The Core Trainer guides you through synced meditations with vibration patterns & light
  • Pair with sessions from our App, including on-demand & live studio classes, for a fully immersive, centering experience
  • Sensors measure your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & stress levels as you meditate
  • Track your calm & focus time, and view your biodata in our app to grow your practice
  • Core's beautiful wood design serves as a daily reminder to take time to meditate

Try the Core Meditation Trainer risk-free for 30-days. 

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Meditation Redesigned to Form Lasting Habits

Guide your breathing with dynamic vibrations
Capture high-quality biodata to see your progress
Track your focus and calm time to measure your response to stress
Battery lasts up to 2 weeks

Your Biometric Data

How Core Tracks Your Journey

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    Training Time

    Making meditation a part of your regular routine helps train your brain to respond to it, and unlocks numerous health benefits. 

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    Calm Time

    Calm is represented by the dominance of your parasympathetic nervous system. We measure this based on your heart rate and its variability over time (HRV).

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    Focus Time

    Core measures how much time you spend in this state by the pattern of your heart rhythm. It’s possible to be both calm and focused, at the same time, in a meditation session.